SWIVEL XT Ultrasonic Insert from Hu-Friedy

Extra Thin. Extra Tough.

Points of performance

  • Unique tip diameter and geometry for ease of accessibility and adaptability
  • Enhanced metal fatigue characteristics for improved product durability
  • Patented Swivel technology for improved clinician comfort
  • Soft, large diameter grip for optimal ergonomics and tactile sensitivity

Linda Aoki, RDH comments about the comfort of the new Swivel XT™ insert:

“I never realized how uncomfortable my hand would get while using any other ultrasonic insert. After using a non-Swivel insert on one side of the mouth and then using a Hu-Friedy Swivel insert on the other half of the mouth, I felt that my hand just glided along the teeth with less fatigue and stress on my wrist,arm and shoulder. I never realized this until I tried them side by side. I now really appreciate the Swivel feature of the Hu-Friedy ultrasonic inserts.”

More about the new Swivel XT™ insert: 

- Swivel XT pdf